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Brenda Clark
Brenda Clark
Brenda lives in at Tracy Ann House and works full time in running the Youth Cancer Trust and looking after the groups who stay at the house.
Tel: 01202 763591 or email


John Pester
John lives in at the house and helps Brenda look after the groups. John also co-ordinates the activities and accompanies the groups to and from the activity provider. John does the pick-up and drop-off to and from the coach/train stations.
Telephone: 01202 763591 or email


Max Hillman
Max Hillman
Max has been involved with the Youth Cancer Trust for since 2002 and is an invaluable friend and advisor to the charity, helping to steer it to where we are today. He remains a committed friend and advocate for us. In April 2012, Max was invited to be a trustee of the Youth Cancer Trust.
Contact Max by email


Georgina Hillman
Georgina Hillman
Administration Manager / Company Secretary
Contact Georgie if you have any queries about admin, the website, information packs, marketing materials, social media and grants.
Tel: 01202 763 591 or email


Derek Smith
Derek Smith
Events & Fundraising Coordinator
Derek organises events and fundraising challenges on behalf of the Youth Cancer Trust. These include skydiving, London to Paris Cycle Ride, overseas challenges, runs, rowing and any other fundraising activities / events.
If you are interested in organising an event for the Youth Cancer Trust, then Derek is the man to speak to.
Tel: 07849 980000 or email


Sir John Butterfill
Sir John Butterfill MP – Bournemouth West.
John and his wife Pam have been fantastic supporters of the Youth Cancer Trust for many years.
Peter Guest
Peter Guest
Youth Cancer Support Worker
Peter is the person to talk to about your holiday booking and if you need us to book your train tickets for you.  He also helps run the office.
Telephone: 01202 763 591 or email


Wendy Parrott
Wendy Parrott
Assistant Administrator
Wendy helps in the office with marketing to hospitals and administration services for the Trust. She also helps coordinate events and works with Derek on local fundraising events.
To contact Wendy telephone: 01202 763591 or email


John Mitchell
John Mitchell
Tracy Ann Trading
John runs local charity collections with pots in shops and offices. He also organises ‘Win a teddy bear’ raffles.
Telephone: 01929 421 352 or email



    • Tamas Hickish – Chair of Trustees
    • Fidelma McCarthy
    • Alec McQuin
    • Max Hillman


Our ambassadors kindly give their time to help Youth Cancer Trust in the local community by giving talks, raising funds and helping promote the work of the Trust. We thank them all very much for their help and support.

Joe Musker

Joe Musker is an ex-professional drummer, originally from Liverpool but now based in Bournemouth. Joe toured, recorded and worked with The Mighty Wah, Dead or Alive and The Farm during the 1980’s. Joe recently retired from youth work after 26 years due to government cuts. Joe has been involved in supporting Youth Cancer Trust and has organised 26 Drumathons which have raised many thousands of pounds for charity.

“I am delighted to be an Ambassador for the Youth Cancer Trust, having been an active fundraiser for the charity for the past 14 years.”


Natty Mattika Westgate

Mattika is an entrepreneur and business women with over 20 years experience in a variety of businesses in the UK and Thailand. She is also a film producer, writer, actor, and model and has many years experience of working in film and film production both in Thailand and the UK.Mattika Silk

In the UK, Mattika has recently finished five films. The Lethal Game (2017), G-Host (2017), Shadow Chasers Paranormal documentary TV Series (2017), The Foreigner Fighter / Short film (2017) & We Are Travellers Documentary film series (2017)

Mattika works with the professional stage name Mattika Silk, and she is listed on the IMDbPro website under this name

In addition to her career in films and TV she has run several businesses and worked with numerous clients.


Colin Fry

A prece of “my life so far” from Colin…

“Got the running buzz at 10 and clock up 65yrs of running this year,with a fair degree of success. I also had an exciting Police career (37yrs)in Dorset, mainly in CID retiring as Chief Inspector at Bournemouth.

For the last 35yrs or so my charitable focus has been to support causes both national and local and with “my team” we have raised a considerable amount.

10 years ago a dear friends daughter (Kerry) died of cancer at just 31. Kerry’s cause was The Youth Cancer Trust so it became mine in her memory, through competing in/organising many running events and giving talks to numerous organisations.

My talk theme is “my life so far”, embracing its many aspects and turns and incorporating much humour. It has been well received to date. I am also an experienced Toastmaster (www.colinfrytoastmaster.co.uk) for Weddings, Corporate and other events again raising funds for YCT.
In all I am able to do, I realise how fortunate I have been and I am so pleased to be associated with YTC, it is very dear to my heart.

In 2001 East Dorset D.C. kindly gave me a “Special Community Service Award” and in July 2012 I was very privileged to carry “The Olympic Torch” during the Torch relay through Winfrith, Dorset an experience I will never forget.

Matt Johnson

Matt Johnson Jamiroquai


Keyboard player, Jamiroquai
“The Youth Cancer Trust is a fantastic idea with amazing people running it. I wish all the guys who come to Tracy Ann House a brilliant holiday.”


David Sax

Local businessman, owner of Maison Sax. Launched the 10 Icons + 10 top restaurants Auction initiative for YCT and organised a black tie ball at the West Hants Club, raising over £17,000.

“In 2016 David celebrated a very serious birthday, the sort of birthday that sends grown men into crisis and/or despair. So rather than buying a Harley Davidson or trying to run a marathon (where the difficulty would be that I’m built for comfort not for speed) I decided to devote my spare time over the that year into raising money for the Youth Cancer Trust, by doing something that I have a real passion for.”
To contact David email



Daniel Thomas (PeeWeeToms)

The Youth Cancer Trust reached out to Dan Thomas during his illness as they were concerned about the level of bullying that was taking place on certain social media channels and wanted to offer support. Dan felt that the Trust offered a fabulous opportunity for young people with cancer but at the time was unfortunately too ill to come and visit the Trust’s premises in Bournemouth. Dan offered his support by selling his hoodies on behalf of the charity and also promoted the Trust as being one of his preferred charities on his vlogs and social media channels, which helped increase the Trust’s visibility online and amongst other young people who were experiencing the life changing cancer event in their lives at such a critical age.

The Trust followed Dan, his wife Becca and family’s stories as they provided inspiration to so many others and were shared countless times, particularly due to Dan’s incredible courage, strength, determination and fantastic sense of humour throughout his illness. Becca and his family continue to spread the word and theirs and Dan’s vlogs can be viewed at the links listed below.

The Youth Cancer Trust approached Dan before he passed away to ask if he would like to become an Honorary Ambassador so that his story can continue to inspire other young people in the future. He wholeheartedly agreed.

This is Dan’s story provided by his family…

Dan was born on 4th December 1985 in Aylesbury Bucks. He has two brothers one older Matt, one younger Ben, Mum and Dad are Martin and Lin.

He was a very easy-going child full of fun and caring towards others. At the age of 13 he suffered an anaphylactic shock in the mountains in Bulgaria which left him with an acquired brain injury.  He was diagnosed with post traumatic disorders which did affect his outlook on life from then on.

In 2015 the doctors thought he had contracted shingles but after investigations it turned out it was a rare form of cancer called a Sarcomatoid Carcinoma. He then went through a number of operations and in January 2018 a small lump appeared in another area, which meant the cancer had spread.

This was devastating for us all and we began a journey to find answers.  Dan set up a vlog to gain information about this rare disease so that he could help himself and others.  There were only 20 recorded cases worldwide and it appeared no treatments helped. Despite it being terminal Dan never gave up hoping to find a treatment if not for himself for others.

As a family we managed to go to Paris Disneyland for a long weekend away as this was one of his favourite places, which he enjoyed.  During his treatment he tried to enjoy life to the full so when in London at hospital he would visit friends, go out and do things that made him smile.

He met the love of his life Becca who was an enormous support to him.  They were married on 12th September 2018. We all made it a great day full of wonderful memories.

Daniel fought the disease bravely and with great courage.  Despite his and the doctor’s best efforts he lost his battle on 28th September 2018. Dan spent a brief time in Weston Hospice and we thank them for their wonderful support for us all.

Thank you to Dan and his lovely family for all their continuing support of Youth Cancer Trust. Please follow their social accounts below.




Social Media Accounts

Dan’s Accounts:
YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/user/peeweetoms

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/peeweetoms/?hl=en

Lin and Martin’s (Dan’s mum and dad) accounts:
YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCv7Bj7ST6yAZQ_BFsPndYNA