Harry | Youth Cancer Trust

Hi my name is Harry, I was diagnosed with grade 4 GBM Brain tumours, following a fit. I had not had any previous symptoms. Following multiple surgeries, chemotherapy and radiotherapy, I was at an all time low. My cancer support nurse advised me of the support offer from YCT, and that I would maybe benefit from it. I approached YCT and spoke with Laura, who was very kind caring and respectful of my situation and I was offered a trip to YCT.

I was quite apprehensive about leaving home for the first time since my diagnosis but I did not need to worry as the care and support offered by Laura and Brenda was exceptional and very reassuring. The venue and atmosphere was like being home from home. I met other cancer sufferers there, we were all made welcome and took part in many great activities during the stay. These included paddle boarding, swimming, spent time on Bournemouth beach as the YCT has their own beach hut fully equipped.

They encouraged us to speak to one another, and this enabled us to go out as a group in the evenings and further share our experiences. This gave me a break from the routine of treatment at the time which was a huge help. The stay energised me and gave me the strength to keep fighting. A memorable and worthy stay. So much so that I wanted other people to experience this and I have wanted to fundraise for this amazing charity.