• I’ve had the most amazing week with such great activities. I have spent the week with some amazing people in the world. Hope I can come again soon.


  • I would just like to say how nice it was to see you both again! with just having my operation everything was in the clouds for me and I thought oh no I have lost everything but when I came back to see the Youth Cancer Trust I was in the clear of everything and knew there would be a brighter day! Thank you.

    Little Louise, Scotland

  • I really can’t believe how much I missed everyone since last time. Seeing everyone again was a great feeling. It felt like I have known them for years.


  • Every time I come here I find myself saying that I don't want to go home. Thank you so much for having me and making me feel so special. I have some fantastic memories and have met many new people who I hope to stay in contact with.

    Jessica, Romford

  • Wow! I can't believe how much fun I had this week. This group is amazing and so random. We got up to so much during this week. I hope to keep the friends I have made, me and George made such a great bond & Jack is so funny.

    Still have to go in the hot tub in the garden - maybe next time. This group I am so comfortable around, we stayed up every night talking about the most random things - Be careful about what you do with the socks guys! Lol.

    We really should come back as a group again, Will never forget the good memories.

    Well I really want to watch this film - Walking Tall, so will be quick. George I really do love me hair, you can quote me on that! The Lilly Allen style suits me!

    Thank you for bringing us back and putting up with me again. Hope to see everyone again soon and thanks for the gift bag it is perfect for my new style. Thanks for everything.