Leanne | Youth Cancer Trust

Where do I start ?

My first holiday with YCT was last year, and I thought it was amazing, never did I expect the new place to TOP it.

The grounds were truly beautiful, so much space to have free time or be alone if needs be.

Each one of the staff (new & old) were so kind and caring, and easy to talk to, they didn’t feel like staff they felt like FRIENDS! What more could you possibly want. I knew I could be open about anything.

I struggle so much mobility wise, and I feel such a burden with it on those around me, but YCT makes me feel I am not a burden, and they make arrangements and cater for me in more ways I could ever imagine. They literally had it all sorted. They explain the activities and let you make your own choices whether you want to do them or not, they explain what it entails and let you make up your own mind.

They give me freedom that I cannot ever explain. I try so many times to say how much it means to me/what it does for me, but I truly can’t explain how much freedom they have given me, and I’ll always be grateful!

This holiday let me meet some amazing new friends.

I was unwell one day, and they just let me take the time to chill and recover. No one pressured me or made me feel bad; they just let me take my own time and showed such care.

All the staff are fantastic, I even got to meet one of the trustees and the charity manager and they were equally as great, I felt at ease talking with them!

The grounds are provided by such amazing people who I also had the pleasure of meeting, and they were willing to make any adjustments needed to help us, the care that went into this holiday and WILL continue to go into these holidays is unmatched 🤍

My husband got to attend and he felt a weight off his shoulders as he knew I was cared for correctly, so he could actually relax and enjoy the holiday!

I have memories I’ll cherish and I hope to go in the future and continue to make such beautiful memories!

My life changed after my first holiday with YCT, and this second holiday on the trial week made me certain I had found peace here 👏

Life is too short, make the memories, take the chance, and enjoy YCT!