Fun, food
and friends
all included

Your free ticket to a break from cancer

The Youth Cancer Trust provides support and free holidays at the Tracy Ann House in Bournemouth for teenagers and young adults (aged 14 to 30) with cancer from anywhere in the UK and Ireland. The holidays run from Mondays to Fridays and provide an opportunity to have fun and chill out in a safe and relaxed environment with other people of your own age who understand what it’s like to have cancer.

To come on a holiday you will need to have agreement from your GP or health professional that you are fit to come. You can come before treatment, during or after… it’s entirely up to you. You can also bring a friend or sibling with you for company.

Meals, refreshments, activities and accommodation are provided for you and there is no cost to you at all – everything is FREE!!

Watch the video to see what a holiday at the Tracy Ann House is like. ?

We can discuss travel arrangements in more detail with you once you have made the right decision to come on a fun holiday with us.

Please note: if we have already confirmed that you are eligible for a holiday, then please complete the full application form.

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