Christmas Cards - designed by Gemma Fay | Youth Cancer Trust

This card is designed by and dedicated to Gemma Fay, who won First Prize in the Youth Cancer Trust’s Christmas Card Design competition in 2022.

Gemma, aged 25, passed away peacefully on the 30/07/23, having lived with Secondary Cancer, Synovial Sarcoma for nearly three years.

“We are so grateful to the Youth Cancer Trust for providing Gemma with an incredible holiday with lots of fun activities and where she made some amazing friendships.

Gemma loved life and her light will shine bright like a Lighthouse and her love for life and the hearts she touched is never ending.”

Stuart and Rachel Fay (Gemma’s parents)

Gemma touched all of our hearts at Youth Cancer Trust and will be missed by us all. We are so very grateful to Stuart and Rachel for their kindness in allowing us to raise funds by selling Gemma’s beautiful Christmas card design.

The cards are A5 size and available for £12.00 for a pack of 10. Postage and packing is added at £2.70.

**Please only add one amount of £2.70 for postage if buying multiple packs of 10 cards.