Founder Brenda Clark | Youth Cancer Trust

Brenda-and-TomOn behalf of us all at the Youth Cancer Trust, I am delighted to be celebrating 15 years since the Trust was founded in October 1997.

It seems many moons ago when Sir John Scott MBE and I set about the hard work in creating a charitable service based on the idea of providing a safe and fun filled space for young people with cancer to be with their peers away from stuffy hospitals and treatment. This service is now being recognised amongst health professionals as being critical in the support of young people in their journey with cancer.

I can’t thank you all enough for your support financially and emotionally during the past 15 years. One person who I am indebted to is my very patient brother in law, James Keating, who has helped me run the charity since 1997. Aside from Jim, I thank the Trustees, the small team who work so very hard to help sustain and manage the Trust, all the volunteers who give up their time so generously and all the supporters, companies and charitable Trusts who help us financially. I really couldn’t have done it without you.

rosesFinally, I want to say that the most inspiration and drive for all of us here at Tracy Ann House has come from working with so many incredible young people, who every day display immense courage and positivity about their journey with cancer.

We are now planning for the future and ask that you please continue to support us over the next 15 years and beyond. Cancer is an intense and difficult path to navigate for anyone, let alone if you are a teenager. We need to
be there, as and when we are needed, to hold the hands of over 250 young teenagers and young adults every year, supporting and helping them as much as we possibly can by providing a space where fun and a sense of normality can be had by them all.

Brenda Clark
Celebrating 15 years – 15th Anniversary Youth Cancer Trust Ball – Thomas Green & Brenda Clark