Gamers Beat Cancer | Youth Cancer Trust

Youth Cancer Trust are really pleased to welcome our new partner Gamers Beat Cancer. Have a look at the info below to see what they do to support young cancer patients!

Who Are Gamers Beat Cancer
We are a not for profit organisation established in 2020.
We ensure that the cancer community is given extra support to play, learn and heal with “The Gift Of Gaming”. We embrace the culture of gaming, technology, and community.

We work with charity partners to build a larger network of support for cancer patients, caregivers, and their families.

Gamers Beat Cancer believe in:
Improving experiences, creating communities through the power of gaming.

Staying connected Bringing joy What Is The Gift Of Gaming?
To put it quite simply Gamers Beat Cancer provide gaming consoles, games, handhelds and other types of technology that can help with living assistance of cancer patients, caregivers and their families.

How Do I Apply?
You can apply for The Gift Of Gaming through one of our many charity network partners.

What Does It Cost?
The Gift Of Gaming is a FREE service and there are no costs. Download the Gift of Gaming PDF