InesAdele Bike Challenge | 2022

Youth Cancer Trust is pleased to announce the support of InesAdele’s Benjamin Schnau who is taking part in an epic bike riding challenge raising awareness and funds for charities including Youth Cancer Trust. Please follow his challenge on his social media (links below).

InesAdele is the charity supporter that makes big moves in order to raise awareness for small and mid-size charities through sports activities- and events in different countries to get them the attention they deserve. Founded by Benjamin Schnau in 2021 after witnessing his mother’s fight with breast cancer, it was clear that he wanted to make a difference and have a positive impact on people’s lives who are affected by cancer. Therefore, InesAdele has one mission; to create and organize special activities, sport events- and challenges supporting small to mid-size charities and organizations worldwide to spread their message and efforts to as many people in need as possible and connect them with the right experts, treatments, free support groups- and offers that give them encouragement, knowledge, trust, mental strength and especially a feel of community to those who need it the most. Already supporting charities like the Youth Cancer Trust, Breast Cancer UK, The Joshua Tree, BreastFriends, Children’s Cancer North in the UK, with many more in the U.S. and Germany, InesAdele’s goal to globally promote small and midsize charities is on the rise and will expand steadily.

Benjamin from InesAdele.

In order to promote these charities and many more in the future, InesAdele believes in, founder Benjamin Schnau is going to ride his bicycle for more than 3,300 miles across the U.S. from Los Angeles to New York City starting May 29th to raise awareness for these charities during the ride via videos, posts, social media tagging and TV exposure to get them the attention they deserve. This mission is not just to keep the promise to his mother but all of us, for people to prevent cancer, people who underwent cancer treatment, those who fight it at the moment or will eventually face it in the future. It can hit anybody at any time, so making sure to do anything in their power to make people aware of these charities and organizations is the core of InesAdele’s mission, so cancer and many other diseases don’t have a chance!

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Benjamin Schnau