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Youth Cancer Trust would like to thank all the wonderful volunteers at Project Hope Dorset for all their hard work in making beautiful quilts for the young cancer patients who stay with us.

Vera, coordinator, from Project Hope Dorset says…

“Project Hope is a volunteer organisation. We aim to bring comfort to those with health needs, by the provision of handmade patchwork quilts. The quilts become family heirlooms which appreciate in value and can be handed down through generations, passing on their message of hope and love.

We have volunteers who meet regularly to design and create quilts, which are then distributed to charities and organisations within the local area, to bring a smile to those dealing with challenges in their lives. Project Hope Dorset’s aim is to let each recipient know that someone cares, and the quilt can provide warmth and colour during difficult times.

We have been working with Youth Cancer Trust for a number of years and would like each new guest to Tracy Ann House to receive a quilt from Project Hope Dorset.”

Project Hope  Project Hope

Our young guests’ comments:

‘It is very much appreciated! Thank you very much.’

‘An amazing gift! Thank you very much! Absolutely beautiful.’

‘Absolutely amazing’

‘Thank you, so nice. I love it’

Project Hope

‘The quilt is absolutely beautiful, thank you for your hard work in making it. I love it!’

‘Thank you so much for putting your time and effort into making such a beautiful quilt. I will cherish it forever.’

‘Thank you for the beautiful quilt. Really appreciate the time and effort that went into making them.’

‘Just wanted to say a huge thank you for the lovely hand made quilt. It is a special gift that I’ll treasure and will always remind me of my wonderful time at YCT. Thank you.’