Reindeer Race | Festive fundraiser

Youth Cancer Trust team have been joined by family members and holiday guests to take part in a festive fundraiser for the charity.

Filmed at our new holiday site of Manor Farm Barn, our YCT reindeer polished their antlers, and led by Rudolph’s shining nose, they raced down the field, past some bemused alpacas, and towards the finish line. (With the promise of tea and cake after the race.)

But which of Santa’s reindeer was the fastest?

Did Prancer prance her way across the finish first? Did Dasher make a dash for it? or did Comet shoot like a, well, a comet!, down past the chickens for first place?

Congratulations to Dan Noakes who won the £150 Amazon voucher!

Watch the Reindeer Race and see who won? Did you pick the winner?

A huge thank you to Corin Messer, our wonderfully talented photographer and videographer for making the video and donating £100 towards the Amazon voucher for the prize draw!