Reindeer Race | Festive fundraiser

Youth Cancer Trust team have been joined by family members and holiday guests to take part in a festive fundraiser for the charity.

Filmed at our new holiday site of Manor Farm Barn, our YCT reindeer polished their antlers, and led by Rudolph’s shining nose, they raced down the field, past some bemused alpacas, and towards the finish line. (With the promise of tea and cake after the race.)

But which of Santa’s reindeer was the fastest?

Did Prancer prance her way across the finish first? Did Dasher make a dash for it? or did Comet shoot like a, well, a comet!, down past the chickens for first place?

All will be revealed on Wednesday 20th December when we will show the race on our social media and website.

How to enter:

Check out the reindeer below, then head over to our JustGiving page and with a small donation of £2 you can pick who you think will be our reindeer champion (don’t forget to add your guess in the comments on the JustGiving page). If you choose correctly, you will be entered into a prize draw to win a £150 Amazon voucher!

You can make as many guesses as you like and each one will be entered into the prize draw.

A huge thank you to Corin Messer, our wonderfully talented photographer and videographer for making the video and donating £100 towards the Amazon voucher for the prize draw!

Check out the reindeer

Who will you pick?

1. Blitzen

(Aka YCT Guest and Youth Ambassador, Kingsley)

Blitzen’s name means lightning, so called because he races across the sky faster than a lightning flash. Blitzen is super stylish and loves keeping fit, to ensure he can be at his best for pulling Santa’s sleigh. He also has a heart of gold.
We know that reindeer can run up to 50mph on the ground, but with Santa at the reins and a sprinkle of magic, no-one knows how fast they can fly.

Could Blitzen’s lightning speed make him King of the racetrack?

2. Dasher

(Aka YCT Holiday Staff Member Josh)

Named Dasher because he is so quick, Dasher loves to dash about everywhere getting all his jobs done. In fact, he tends to cause chaos around Santa’s village, often knocking over boxes of presents, getting his antlers tangled in fairy lights and prompting elves to dive out of the way when they see him coming. But with his cheeky smile and friendly demeanour he’s easily forgiven.

Does Dasher dash to the finish, or is it a case of more haste less speed?

3. Cupid

(Aka YCT Guest and Youth Ambassador, Kirsty)

Cupid is all heart; this sweet and loving reindeer is always looking after all the others. She loves being surrounded by friends and makes everyone feel welcome and comfortable. Mrs Christmas often calls upon Cupid to help her look after the new elves that feel a bit nervous when they join Santa’s workshop. She’s joined in the race by trainee reindeer Wendy, who she was looking after for the morning.

But will Cupid be able to compete against her friends, or will her caring nature slow her down?

4. Prancer

(Aka Holidays Volunteer, Libby)

Prancer loves snapping pictures and making memories with her friends, and is great at getting everyone together. She’s also happy to share her skills to help others.

She’s creative, intelligent and imaginative, but has an adventurous streak too. She enjoys the opportunity for travel as part of her job pulling Santa’s sleigh.

Will Prancer prance her way to the finish line first- or will she stop to capture the moment on the way?

5. Rudolph

(Aka Holidays Helper, Leon)

Rudolph, the most famous of Santa’s reindeer, was born over 100 years after his peers, which explains why he is our smallest reindeer. Although initially he was too little to join in the reindeer games, (his favourite is football) he’s now a very important member of the team. He is kind and funny and loves to help out whenever he can.

Will Rudolph’s (nose) light lead the way?

6. Comet

(Aka YCT Holidays Assistant Co-ordinator, Jo)

If you’re looking up at the sky on Christmas Eve, it may not only be Rudolph’s shiny nose that you spot lighting up Santa’s sleigh. Comet creates a bright streak of light from her glowing tail.

But when she’s not racing through the solar system, Comet likes to relax with some crafting and is skilled in a variety of crafts which she is happy to teach the other elves and reindeer. She’s great at adding a festive touch and decorating Santa’s village.

She also has a nurturing personality, always caring for and looking after others.

Will Comet hurtle through the space to the finish line or is she on a collision course?

7. Vixen

(Aka YCT Guest, Sophie)

Vixen is the party reindeer of the group; she loves music and festivals when she’s off duty. However, she does entice the other reindeer away from their flying training to attend secret garden parties, and sometimes gets in trouble with Santa.

Vixen fills the world with colour and with her around, you know you’ll always have fun.

Unfortunately, Vixen is easily distracted by fairy lights. Will she even cross the finish line or will she encourage the other reindeer to join her for some fun?

8. Donner

(Aka YCT Holidays Co-ordinator, Laura)

Donner’s name means thunder, but she’s not loud and scary!

Donner is caring and loves being around others. She is very creative and organised. She enjoys getting people in the holiday spirit and is happiest when she knows everyone around her is having a good time.

Will Donner thunder down the track to finish in first place?

9. Dancer

(Aka YCT Programme Co-ordinator, Wendy)

Why run when you can twirl?

Dancer loves to dance so much she can often get distracted and end up in a shimmy. She’s a bit of a dreamer, adores anything sparkly and is often found in fancy dress.

Will her Zouk training help her zoom to the finish, or will she be stalled by a Salsa at the start line?

How to enter:

Check out the reindeer below, then head over to our JustGiving page and with a small donation of £2 you can pick who you think will be our reindeer champion. If you choose correctly, you will be entered into a prize draw to win a £150 Amazon voucher!