September 23 Trial Wellbeing Holiday | Youth Cancer Trust

For our exhilarating second trial week at the Youth Cancer Trust, we welcomed a fabulous group of guests journeying from all corners of the UK. Some ventured from places as distant as Hull, while one fortunate guest had just a hop, skip, and a jump to join us from nearby Bournemouth! Many of these incredible souls have found solace and camaraderie at the Youth Cancer Trust for years. This time around, they got the chance to immerse themselves in our new premises – Manor Farm Barn and Churn Cottage.

The week took a delightful turn when Brenda, our recently retired founder and newly appointed President, made a surprise appearance at our Wednesday BBQ bash! It was a heartwarming reunion, especially with some of our long-retired staff joining in the festivities. Reflecting upon Brenda’s inspiring vision from a quarter-century ago, we’re all brimming with gratitude. She dreamt of a charity, a haven, where support, camaraderie, and pure fun thrived. Today, we live and continue that dream.

Listening to our guests, this holiday took a more relaxed vibe. We rolled out a lavish ‘brunch’ spread from 10:30 am, perfect for those who cherished a lazy holiday morning. For the early birds among us, a sumptuous non-cooked breakfast awaited from 7:30 am, paired with the refreshing option of a pool dip or a countryside walk alongside Laura’s dog, Spot, setting the tone for a fun-filled day ahead.

Adventure beckoned! We tried our hand at archery, tested our football golf skills, and explored the captivating Tank Museum. Though Mother Nature’s stormy mood led to a quick change from our Weymouth boat trip, the excitement didn’t miss a beat.

Our week wrapped up with an enlightening peek into Manor farm’s dairy. Watching the cows in their element was an experience to remember. And what better way to conclude our journey than with an Asian-themed feast and a sweet finale of ice cream tasting? A week of discovery, bonding, and sheer joy!

Here are a few photos from the week – there will be more to share shortly!