Covid19 Prevention Policy | 2022 | Youth Cancer Trust

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 YOuth Cancer Trust Covid19 policy 2022

Preventing Covid-19 on Youth Cancer Trust Residential holidays 2022

Youth Cancer Trust will do everything that is reasonably practicable to minimise the transmission of infectious diseases including COVID-19, recognising that we cannot completely eliminate the risk. Therefore, it is your responsibility and decision to come on a YCT holiday or send your child to YCT, following medical advice provided from your Healthcare Professional.  

On this page you will be able to find up to date information about how Youth Cancer Trust is managing the current COVID situation. This page will be reviewed and updated regularly.

Our vaccination policy  

We require ALL our guests attending YCT be fully vaccinated, in line with current government guidance. This extends to all members of the YCT Staff Team, volunteers and all activity providers that hold activities in the YCT house or elsewhere, especially indoors. If you are not COVID vaccinated, then unfortunately you will not be able to attend YCT. If you are medically exempt, please get in touch telephone 01202 763591 to discuss this further. However, you can still gain support and attend our online activities – please complete the online form

Currently, we do not require anyone under the 18 years old to be vaccinated.   

How is YCT helping to reduce the transmission of COVID?  

YCT will adhere to current government guidance. We will ensure that:  

  • Everyone washes their hands or uses alcohol gel before and after each activity, as well as our normal practice of washing hands before each meal time.   
  • Activity equipment will not be shared and will be cleaned between use
  • We will ensure all activities take place in a well-ventilated location and outside if possible  

Cancellations of YCT holidays

Safety for our guests and staff are paramount and therefore, if we need to cancel holidays to maintain safety standards then we will. However, we will do everything in our power not to do this. The COVID situation will be reviewed at regular intervals prior to our holidays and we will keep you updated if any changes are made.  

Do I have to do a COVID test before coming on a YCT holiday?  

48 hours before attending a YCT holiday, you will need to complete a Lateral Flow test and have evidence of this when checking in. If you are unable to purchase a test, please inform the team as soon as possible to discuss further via email on or telephone 01202 763591. We can provide a test free of charge to be sent to your home.


YCT House

 Hand sanitising liquid will be provided in all the rooms and masks will be available if you wish to wear one.

 The house will be thoroughly cleaned between each holiday group.

 Staff will test regularly to ensure they are free of covid.

 In-house activity providers will be fully vaccinated and tested for Covid before taking an activity. In house activity providers will be kept to a minimum.

 The house will be closed to external visitors during the holidays.

If you require any further information about our Covid Prevention Policy, please email or telephone 01202 763591