Q: Are there any house rules?

Tracy Ann House is a relaxed, warm and friendly house; however there are a few house rules to ensure the safety and comfort of everyone. These will be discussed on the evening of your arrival. Guests are expected to treat Tracy Ann House as they would their own home and to treat all the other guests and the staff with respect and consideration.

Q: How do we decide what we do?

On the first evening, John and Brenda will run through the various activities on offer so a decision can be made as a group. Certain activities will have to done on certain days as they need to be booked ahead of time. You can always add a note on your application form if there is an activity you would like to do or would rather not do.

Q: What happens if we feel ill?

There is 24 hour medical support from the Westbourne Medical Centre, 5 mins from the house, where appointments can be made as and when needed. All employed staff are fully trained in emergency first aid. If you feel very ill and want to go home we will speak to your parents and arrange for this to happen.

Q: What if we don’t want to do the activity on the day?

You do not have to take part in anything you don’t want to – it is up to you. If you do not want to take part – you can either go along to the activity and watch the others or stay at Tracy Ann House. There is never any pressure to do something if you don't feel up to it.

Q: When do we have to get up?

Depending on the activity planned, you can get up when you like. However John cooks breakfast for everyone from 8 so if you want scrambled egg you will have to rise early. Typically, the earliest you will have to leave for an activity, is 10am – so there is still plenty of time to relax before you leave. The only activity which requires an early start is a sailing day with Sail4Cancer.

Q: What are the meals like? Who cooks? Can we help ourselves?

All meals and refreshments are provided free of charge. A cooked breakfast is available before 9.30am or there is cereal and toast. During the summer a BBQ is usually held on a Thursday evening. Guests can help themselves to drinks and snacks from the kitchen at anytime during the day or night. Packed lunches are provided to take out with you on the activities consisting of sandwiches, crisps, chocolate biscuits and fruit.

Q: What do I do if I can only eat certain food?

If you have special dietary requirements, you can let us know on the application form or by contacting us beforehand. If you need something very special, you can always arrange to bring it with you. By all means give us a call on 01202 763591 if you have any questions.

Q: What do I need to bring?

Clothing – it is advisable to bring a range of clothing and footwear in case of changes in the weather. Trainers or shoes are required for go-karting. Swimwear is needed for watersports and swimming, more than one pair is useful if swimming everyday. Gloves and thick socks are helpful for dry slope skiing. Towels are provided but guests may like to bring their own beach towel. Wash bag - Guests need to bring own wash bag – e.g. shower gel/shampoo/soap. Devices - You are welcome to bring your own IPod, smart phone or laptop - we have IPod music docks in each room and CD players. We also have Wifi throughout the house. Meds - Any medication you require. There are lockers and a fridge provided in each room to keep your medication safe. Diet - Any special food/drink if you have a specific dietary requirement.

Q: Can we have our own room?

There are two twin rooms and four single rooms for you to choose from. You can share your room with your friend or sibling. Each room has their own toilet and basin or en-suite bathroom.

Q: Can we go out in the evening?

Some activities are arranged for the evening for the group e.g. karaoke, cinema evenings or friendly group meals out at a local restaurant. Under 18’s will be accompanied by John or Brenda. Over 18's may go out in the evening unaccompanied with permission.

Q: Can we explore Bournemouth?

There will free time available for groups to visit Bournemouth and/or the beach for shopping or sight-seeing. Under 18's will be accompanied by an adult.

Q: What happens if it rains?

If it rains there are still lots of activities you can do! Most of the outside activities such as horse riding and go-karting can take place in the indoor arenas. We also have lots of indoor activities and entertainment e.g. XBox One, Nintendo Wii, pool table, fuss-ball table, Sky TV, DVDs/Videos, karaoke, art shed, therapy room. There are also lots of activities in Bournemouth e.g. bowling, cinema, splashdown or next door, the Rivera Hotel has an indoor pool, Jacuzzi and sauna, which is free to use by all our guests.

Q: What happens if we want to do different things?

We try to do as much as possible as a group but small groups may be allowed to choose different activities depending on their age and if time allows.