Cancer, Covid and Beyond - Week 2 of 6 Week Programme | Youth Cancer Trust

FREE : YCT guests only.

Jane from our support group has set up this 6 week coaching course for YCT guests only. Read on to find out what the course will cover.

Please message Wendy to sign up.

This course might be for you if :

  • You are ready to set a goal and work towards it.
  • If you feel stuck in a rut and ready to make change but not sure how.
  • If you want help with motivation to take the first steps.’

Week 1 – Introduction, ways of working together, expectations, baseline for goal setting.

Week 2 – Recognising triggers, emotions, behaviours, thought patterns and diary keeping

Week 3 – Identifying strengths and superpowers. Exploring self-talk and practicing feed forward

Week 4 – Flipping and seeing life from a different perspective

Week 5 – Goal setting

Week 6 – Time to celebrate success and review what has worked well