YCT Christmas Party | Youth Cancer Trust

**If you do not celebrate Christmas but would still like to join us – we will not be doing anything Christmassy between 7pm- 8pm. We have saved this hour to be festive free whilst we work on our caricatures. **

Running order for the evening:

6.30pm start

  • Elf names
  • Chat
  • Music

Reminder templates / sharpies / paper required.

7pm – 8pm Caricature Workshop

  • Inc comfort break 7.30

8pm – 8.15pm

  • Christmas Quiz

8.10 / 8.15 approx  ‘Surprise’ Elf visit (15 mins)

8.30 approx

  • Chat
  • Finish quiz
  • Music

9pm Finish

  • For the caricature workshop you will need: Several A4 sheets of paper, with a hard backing – either clipboard or sketchpad
  • Pencil – either HB, 2B – 4B are fine
  • Eraser
  • Black marker pen – Sharpie, chisel-tip or felt tip – or brush pen for the bold!
  • Basic colours in any dry medium – felt tips, oil pastels, crayons or highlighter pens at a pinch